Periorbital & Orbital Cellulitis



Hx/signs & symptoms

Physical exam

Dx testing

Diagnostic imaging

Differential Diagnosis

  1. Preseptal cellulitis
  2. Orbital cellulitis/abscess
  3. Dacryocystitis
  4. Trauma
  5. Foreign Body
  6. Eyelid insect bite
  7. Allergic eye
  8. Uveitis
  9. Neoplasm
  10. Thyrotoxicosis


  1. Must differentiate between pre-septal cellulitis v. orbital cellulitis
  2. IV Abx ASAP
  3. Consult ophtho if suspicion of orbital cellulitis
  4. Orbital cellulitis


  1. Admit all orbital cellulitis pts to hospital if toxic or poor f/u
  2. Uncomplicated periseptal cellulitis after orbital cellulitis has been R/O