Treatment (Hyponatremia)

  1. See also Hyponatremia
  2. Rapidity of correction depends on whether hyponatremia is acute or chronic
  3. Fluid restriction to 500-750 mL/day
  4. Demeocycline 300-600 mg PO bid for chronic SIADH (ie due to neoplasm): use with caution with hepatic disease (side effects = nephrogenic DI and photosensitivity)
  5. For Emergency Situations (seizures, coma):


  1. Admit all pts w/ Na+ < 130 mEq/L [130 mmol/L]
  2. Admit to ICU if Na+ <120 mEq/L [120 mmol/L] or seizure, or altered mental status
  3. May discharge mild decr Na+ w/ clear etiology (such as vol depletion)