Vent Management

Minute Ventilation (VE) = RR x Vt
VE = CO2 = pH = Cerabral Flow/ICP
VE = CO2 = pH

PCO2 = HCO3 + 15
 - PCO
2 needed to bring pH back to normal

ABG (Normal Values)
pH 7.35-7.45
pCO2 35-45
HCO3 22-26
pO2 75-100


Recommendations for reducing ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP)
  • Elevation of the head to an angle of at least 30°,
  • Noninvasive mechanical ventilation rather than intubation when appropriate,
  • Oral intubation when an endotracheal tube is necessary,
  • Orogastric rather than nasogastric tubes,
  • Minimization of sedation,
  • Administration of a proton pump inhibitor when prophylaxis is indicated,
  • Changing ventilator tubing every 7 days or when it becomes soiled,
  • Avoidance or elimination of endotracheal tube leaks,
  • Good technique in removal of condensate, and excellent hand hygiene.
  • Wait > 5 days before initiating tube feedings, as this reduced the incidence of VAP.