Lyme Disease






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known tick bite 1st single-dose antibiotic prophylaxis
  • Postexposure prophylaxis with a single dose of doxycycline may be used for a significant exposure meeting all of the following criteria:
    1. An engorged Ixodes scapularis tick is removed after at least an estimated 36 hours of attachment.
    2. Prophylaxis is started within 72 hours of tick removal.|
    3. Borrelia burgdorferi prevalence in local ticks is known to be greater than 20%.
    4. Doxycycline is not contraindicated (contraindications include children <8 years of age, pregnancy, or lactation).

    Patients who cannot take doxycycline are started on treatment if early symptoms develop.
  • Primary Options
    • Doxycycline : children >8 years of age: 4 mg/kg/day orally as a single dose;
                           Adults: 200 mg orally as a single dose



Erythema Migrans

Erythema migrans lesion with uniform erythema

Vesicular erythema migrans