Fetal Heart Monitor

Type Description Etiology Schematic Management
Early A visually apparent, gradual (onset to nadir in > 30 sec). in FHR with a return to baseline that mirrors
the uterine contraction
- Head Compression From the uterine contraction (Normal) Expectant
Late A visually apparent (onset tp nadir in > 30 sec) in FHR with return to baseline whose onset, nadir, & recovery occurs after the beginning, peak, & end of uterine contraction, respectively. - Uteroplacental insufficiency
- Fetal Hypoxemia
Variable An abrupt (onset of < 30 sec), visually apparent in FHR below baseline lasting 15 sec but < 2 min. - Umbilical cord compression O2
Reposition (left or right lateral, hands and knees)
Give IV fluid bolus
Reduce uterine contraction frequency (stop pit)
 - Administer tocolytic medication (eg, terbutaline)
Amnio-infussion (200cc bolus then 100cc/hr)
 - If umbilical cord prolapse is noted, elevate the presenting fetal part while preparing for operative delivery