Bennett's Fracture


  Initial Treatment
Splint type & position Thumb spica splint
Wrist, 30-degree extension; IP joint, free
Initial follow-up visit Within 1 to 2 weeks
Within 3 to 5 days if oblique fracture or alignment questionable
Pt instructions Icing, elevation
  Follow-up Care
Cast or Splint type & position Short-arm thumb spica cast
Wrist, 30-degree extension; IP joint, free
Length of immobilization 4 weeks
Healing time 6 to 8 weeks
Follow-up visit interval Every 2 weeks
Repeat radiography interval At initial visit to check position
Every 2 to 4 weeks
Pt instruction Begin ROM exercises after cast is removed
Indications for orthopedic consult Inability to achieve or maintain adequate closed reduction
Oblique fractures
Malunion with subluxation of CMC joint

Return to Work or Sports