Femoral Neck Fracture

Mechanism Clinical Findings Concomitant Injuries ED Management Disposition and Follow-Up Complications
Common in older patients with osteoporosis; rarely seen in younger patients Low-impact falls or torsion in elderly; high-energy trauma or stress fractures in young Ranges from pain with weight-bearing to inability to ambulate; limb may be shortened and externally rotated Ipsilateral femoral shaft fracture Orthopedic consultation; ranges from nonoperative to total hip arthroplasty

DO NOT use traction device


Admission to orthopedic service AVN; infection; DVT and/or pulmonary embolus




  1. Surgical Rx includes either pinning (placement of compression screw across fx sites) or hemiarthroplasty
  2. In cases of pinning, (younger pts, non-displaced fx), medical & surgical evaluation should be completed quickly so pt can be taken to OR w/out delay
  3. Elderly pts, in contrast, freq managed w/hemiarthroplasty, accomplished non-emergently after full evaluation of medical status