Galeazzi Fracture





  Monteggia Fracture Galeazzi Fracture
Description Anterior dislocation of radial head with a fracture of the ulna, usually angulated dorsally Fracture of the radius with shortening & dislocation of the distal ulna
Radius Dislocated at the head Isolated fracture at the junction of the distal & middle 3rd
Ulna Fracture of the proximal 3rd Subluxation of dislocation of the distal radio-ulnar joint
Mechanism Fall on an out-stretched hand with the forearm in excessive pronation

Direct blow on back of upper forearm in self-defense (night-stick injury)
Fall on an outstretched arm with elbow flexed
Management ORIF Adults: Open reduction
Child: Closed reduction
Complications - Non-union
- Limitation of motion at elbow
- Malunion/Nonunion
- Limitation of pronation or supination
- Anterior interosseous nerve palsy.