Lateral Ligamentous Ankle Injury




  1. If pt has a stable joint & is able to bear weight, then Protection (with an elastic bandage or ankle brace), rest, ice, compression, & elevation (PRICE) for 72 hr is indicated. Prescribe analgesics, and add motion & strength exercises within 48 -72 hrs. The pt should follow up in 1 week if the pain persists.
  2. A pt with a stable joint who is unable to bear weight requires an ankle brace and orthopedic follow-up.
  3. A pt with an unstable joint requires a posterior splint & referral to an orthopedist for definitive care.
  4. Treatment of Achilles tendon rupture includes splinting in plantar flexion, non-weightbearing, & referral to an orthopedist for possible operative repair.