Planter Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a common cause of plantar heel pain that occurs where the plantar fascia arises from the medial calcaneal tuberosity. Inflammation in both the bone and plantar fascia occurs from chronic degeneration in the fascia fibers that arise from the bone.





ITE 2013 Q#126.
Which one of the following is most suggestive of plantar fasciitis?
A) Heel pain at rest
B) Lateral heel tenderness with palpation
C) A heel spur on radiographs
D) Prompt relief with NSAIDs
E) Heel pain that is worse with the first steps in the morning


ITE 2013 Q 179.
An overweight 42-year-old female complains of foot pain. Which one of the following would be most suggestive of plantar fasciitis?
A) A sudden onset of ecchymosis and plantar heel pain
B) Sharp, stabbing pain with palpation of the medial plantar calcaneal area
C) Posterior medial ankle pain
D) Burning pain in the medial plantar region