Foreign Body Aspiration

Upper Airway Obstruction

Foreign-body Aspiration
- Stridor
- Sudden Choking
- Wheezing
  1. If Stable:
    -- Remove foreign body by bronchoscopy or laryngoscopy in controlled environment.
  2. If unable to speak, move air poorly, or cyanotic:
    - Infant: Place infant over arm or rest on lap. Give five back blows between the scapulae. If unsuccessful, turn infant over & give give chest thrusts ( not abdominal thrust)
    - Child: Perform five abdominal thrusts (Heimlich maneuver) from behind a sitting of standing child.
  3. After back, chest, &/or abdominal thrusts, open mouth using tongue-jaw lift & remove foreign body if visualized. Do not attempt blind finger sweeps. Magill forceps may be used to retrieve objects in the posterior pharynx. Ventilate if unconscious & repeat sequence as needed
  4. If there is complete airway obstruction & pt cannot be ventilated by bac-mask or ETT, consider percutaneous (needle cricothyrotomy)