Rapid Breathing and Respiratory Distress

Causes of Rapid Breathing and Respiratory Distress in Neonates
Pneumonia (bacterial, viral, chlamydia)
Sepsis (bacteremia, urinary tract infection, meningitis)
Abdominal causes (distention, gastroenteritis, volvulus)
Metabolic acidosis (inherited metabolic disease, ductal-dependent congenital heart disease)
Congenital anomalies (cleft palate, laryngeal or tracheomalacia, laryngotracheal cleft, tracheal webs, tracheoesophageal fistula, tracheal hemangiomas, and vascular rings)
Delayed presentation of diaphragmatic hernia
Congenital heart disease (cyanotic and noncyanotic lesions)
Neuromuscular disease (infant botulism, muscle weakness)