Common ED Complaints

Complaint Categories (proportion of infant visits) Subcategories
Respiratory symptoms (27.5%) Viral upper respiratory infection (54.5%)
Bronchiolitis (35%)
Apparent life-threatening event (8%)
Pneumonia (1%)
Congenital (e.g., laryngotracheomalacia) (1.5%)
GI and GU complaints (21%) Vomiting (37%)
Scrotal swelling (15%)
Constipation (11%)
Vomiting and Diarrhea (10%)
Blood in emesis or stools (8%)
Diarrhea (8%)
Feeding tube problems (3%)
Oral Thrush (3%)
Renal and urinary concerns (2%)
Congenital anomalies (2%)
Vaginal discharge (1%)
Normal infant queries (18%) Crying/colic (21%)
Miscellaneous variant of normal infants (79%)
  Feeding patterns and  Weight Gain
  Periodic breathing
  Diaper Rash
  Umbilical cord questions
  Postimmunization reaction
  Infantile breast tissue
  Sleep Pattern
  Normal newborn temperature
Fever, rule out sepsis (11%) Fever without focus, for septic workup (64.5%)
Urinary tract infection (33%)
Respiratory symptoms (2%)
CNS symptoms (<1%)
Jaundice (8%)
Skin lesions (5.5%) Erythema toxicum, seborrhea, atopic dermatitis
Perianal abscesses
Birth marks
CNS (3%) Head injuries
Eye complaints (2%) Eye discharge, including nasolacrimal duct obstruction
Cardiac (2%) Tachyarrhythmia
Heart murmurs
Symptoms of known congenital malformation
Musculoskeletal (1.5%) Injuries (falls, nonaccidental trauma)
Hair tourniquets to digits
Hematology (0.5%) Anemia (hemolysis, surgery-related blood loss)
Sudden infant death syndrome (one case seen)