Chemical or Body Fluid Exposure


  1. Due to accident, transfer from fingers, objects, splash or spray
  2. Most require simple flushing
  3. Saline (best), tap water (acceptable)
  4. Complications


  1. Acid
  2. Alkalis


  1. Determine source of eye irritation:
  2. If chemical, categorize
  3. See Eye foreign body


  1. Categorize chemical
  2. Goal is to REMOVE chemical agent
  3. Chemical types


  1. Admit
  2. If NO sign of serious eye damage

Use of Morgan Lens:
( Allows large vol lavage effectively & efficiently)

  1. Most often used w/harmful (acid or alkali) exposures requiring multiple liters of irrigation
  2. Be careful about using for minor irrigation
  3. Procedure for use
  4. Lens removal: