Vertebral Compression Fracture



Usual causes


Acute Treatment

  1. Trauma ABCs
  2. Ortho/Trauma Consult
  3. Non-operative Tx
  4. Immobilization
  5. If intubation required
  6. Continue with primary survey
  7. For spinal cord injury:
  8. Other issues
  9. Reduction of fracture (Neurosurg / ortho)


  1. Admit
  2. Surgical intervention (reduction/ decompression/ fusion)
      • Ortho / Trauma consult
      • Non-operative tx
        • Most Fx's with < 40% loss of vertebral height
      • Incomplete injury with worsening neuro exam
      • Incomplete deficits with an irreducible fracture
      • Severely unstable fracture with complete deficit
        • Allows earlier mobility

Type A Compression Fx

Type B Compression Fx

Type C Compression Fx

Type D Compression Fx